InterLogistic Tool

Modern vehicle search and verification tools online at Copart and IAAI

How it works?

Detailed description of the service

  1. The application works in 2 modes:

    – Access: Client

    – Access: Dealer

    allows you to use personal rates for calculating the cost of services.

    To be able to use personal rates, you need to log in using access from your personal account.

  2. We help to obtain true information about the lot (show hidden auction fields).

    Seller and type of seller

    Reliable seller. Most likely insurance company. Can be bought without any fear.

    Attention is the dealer. Most likely it is called “outbider”, who is trying to resell the lot for more profitable price. ” The cats in a bag” can be seen in sellers like these.

    VIN number of a car

    We show the VIN number without authorization on the auction website.

    Add LOT to personal trading calendar in the dealer’s personal account. We will automatically notify you about the upcoming bidding.

    Copy VIN in one click.

    Purchase cost

    The price for which the lot was purchased (available for Copart Auction)

    Actual cost,% (ACV)

    The real cost of the car in relation to the market value of the car.

    Seller reserve

    The minimal amount for which a seller is willing to sell the LOT (for auction iAAi).

    Users who placed bets

    Quantity of the buyers who have already placed bids on the lot (for iAAi auction).

    Doc Type

    Status of documents and the possibility of export. Due our experience, we clearly understand what documents can be and how to work with them. Doc Type status Documents “OK” Export documents are in good order. Doc Type status Requires clarification

    If you want to buy a lot with the Doc Type status Needs clarification, write to us not leaving the auction.

    Doc Type status Cannot be bought Absoulutely cannot be bought

  3. LOT cost calculator

    In the “Vehicle type” field, confirm the vehicle type. In the field “Lot cost” you need to enter the value of your bid.

    Delivery calculator

    In the field “Delivery, sea” you can define a more profitable port. Field “Service” – calculate the delivery service for the port or your city.

    Commission and insurance

    Commission – payment for the services of the company. Car insurance of total annihilation” is 0.65% Car damage insurance ” is 1%

    Customs Calculator

    Calculation according to the current legislation of the recipient’s country is determined by the value of the country of the port of destination. For calculation, you need to confirm the year of manufacture.

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