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    USA and Canada auto auctions at your disposal:


    Auction fees

    Fee “A” – minimum

    The buyers fee depends on the the method of payment provided and business licences existence: see the Fee A benefit for the auction (Copart, IAAI, Manheim) Copart, IAAI, Manheim

    No closed States

    Our licences allow us to acquire assets in states that are considered as closed.

    Alabama, Wisconsin, Michigan

    Doc Type - Export docs

    According to years of experience we can export lots with next document types

    Doc Type - Export docs

    Our territory

    We are providing logistical support services in the USA and Canada. Our US consolidation warehouses are located in New Jersey NJ, Savannah GA, Miami FL, Houston TX, Los Angeles CA, Seatle WA and in Montreal, Toronto for Canada. This opportunity allows deliver the freights as quickly and qualitatively as possible in order of their further consolidation.

    «Shipping (land)»

    Our routes are built optimally! We continually monitor 2 basic parameters: 1. Shipment speed from the auction to consolidation warehouse 2. Land Transportation cost.


    According to vehicle size transportation price can be increased.

    Cars and small SUVs - fixed price.

    SUVs and Pick Ups - one and a half times more

    Shipping overseas

    Delivery Map


    Because of using more expencives carriers (car hauling partners) we ve reduced time of transit.

    The cost (price) for dealers is still competitive.

    Warehouse in New Jersey

    Photo: 50+ photos from the consolidation warehouse before shipment
    Video: exterior and interior
    2 pcs. moisture absorber FREE
    Taping the windows FREE

    Savings $50-70

    Shipping (tranportation price) calculator

    You can calculate the transportation price on the route You are interested in (from the auction to the port of export.

    $ 0
    Transportation across the United States
    $ 0
    Услуги Interlogistic
    $ 0
    Экспедирование и брокерские услуги
    $ 0
    0 дней
    Delivery time
    Port of departure
    $ 0
    Total delivery price (shipping price)

    Insurance by the photo

    We do not hide this amount by adding it to other payments. We indicate it separately, as this significantly affects the reimbursement.

    0,65 % of total loss
    1 % of additional damage
    $ 150 Franchise

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    Deale tools

    USA and Canada auto auctions at your disposal:

    InterLogistic Tool

    Modern vehicle search and verification tools online at Copart and IAAI

    InterLogistic Tool
    • Hidden seller info
    • Calculation of purchase price (cost)
    • Shipping calculator
    • Customs calculator
    InterLogistic Tool

    Hot Lot`s

    A unique tools for the underrated and very profitable lots selection.

    Hot Lot`s

    CarFax report

    Online vehicle history report

    CarFax report